Fama Fraternitatis
Confessio Fraternitatis
Chemical Wedding

In the early 17th century three documents were published which came to be known as ‘The Rosicrucian Manifestos’.
These books promoted a reformation of mankind and spirituality and professed to reveal a hitherto unknown ‘secret society’ based upon the teachings and discoveries of a man referred to as Christian Rosencreutz.
Rosicrucian thought became highly influential throughout Europe and many publications based on or discussing the manifestos were written. It influenced such notable writers as Robert Fludd, Michael Maier and Elias Ashmole, as well as influencing Freemasonry. 

Rosicrucian societies such as the Societas Rosicruciana In Anglia, the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn and AMORC still operate to the present day with thousands of
members worldwide.

The Rosicrucian Manifestos themselves comprised the Fama Fraternitatis (1614), the Confessio Fraternitatis (1615) and the Chemical Wedding (1616). First published in German and Latin, an English version of the Fama Fraternitatis published in 1652 by Thomas Vaughan, brought the documents to an English-speaking audience.

Markham’s Brotherhood takes the original manifestos and presents them in an easily accessible Modern English version with explanatory notes to enlighten the reader and offering greater depth without obstructing the reading experience. Illustrated throughout with a mixture of traditional and original drawings, this new edition of the founding Rosicrucian writings brings them to life for the modern reader.